Friday, July 11, 2008

"This American Life"--Einstein-Newton wrong?

Ira Glass
"This American Life"

Now don't get bent out of shape but this is a Chicago radio [WBEZ] production ["This American Life"] boradcast this weekend on many National Public Radio stations [and available in the archives eventually]. It is mostly satricial and somewhat entertaining.

The premise:

Act Three.

Sucker MC-Squared.

Bob Berenz had a good job as an electrician. But he wanted to do something bigger. He came up with an idea for an invention. But as he studied physics texts to see if his invention could work, he happened upon the biggest idea of his life: a revelation about physics that would disprove Einstein, and Newton. That is, if Bob's right. Bob's friend, Robert Andrew Powell, reports the story. He's a sports writer and the author of We Own This Game, about youth football.

(16-1/2 minutes)

Song: "Modern Physics in Five Easy Verses," Bruce Lesnick

"This American Life"

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