Friday, July 4, 2008

Some nostalgia

Remember the premiums offered on cereal boxes or the advertisements in the back of the comic books not approved by one's parents. Most were for hundreds of Revolutionary War figures or a modern army. Some offered one to be a salesman and make a "fortune" selling junk. Some were risque. And some offered science items.

I had a set of the following. They were cheap: Two box tops and 25 cents yielded the whole works plus the ones packed inside. And they were cool: The gauges were made of lithographed metal plates about three inches in diameter. Hours of fantasized fun traveling in space from a dimly lit corner of the basement.

These ads were in the back pages of comic books and were pricey too. I never had one and often wondered how close the actual item matched the artist's rendition.


Some fun...some science toys [frogmen and submarine]


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