Friday, November 13, 2009

Sagan/SETI poll

Did Carl Sagan waste his time by being involved with SETI?



This is kind of an ambiguous question...depending on the "frame of reference". Frankly, I don't place much value in seeking contact with extra terrestrials. But it may be what seniors do when past the prime of scientific the possibility for aliens. Knowledge and wisdom can best be applied elsewhere. Fortunately, such enterprises are not government funded. But on the other hand you can pursue whatever pleases you.


Anonymous said...

An interesting and rather disappointing attitude for someone so much into the sciences to take.

You have no curiousity about the rest of the Universe? Might as well pack it in if you don't want to learn about others.

Mercury said...

First of all I don't need external validation for my positions. I am not here to please or concur with other's opinions. Secondly, it is illogical to equate an interest in the universe and an interest in extraterrestrials. For me it is a minor incident and base on my beliefs that such encounters never happened and most likely won't. The quest for such encounters is more physiological than phenomenological...salvation in the skys. I am more interested in the empirical analysis of the universe than seeking a mutual companion...and that doesn't mean that I am "packing it in".

Timothy said...

i am not really interested about SETI either but there are lots of very interesting lectures at Academic Earth via the internet if one is serious about being curious on the frontiers of science