Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mathematics and computers 1959 style...Yudell L. Luke

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Yudell L. Luke

June 26th, 1918 to May 6th, 1983

Midwest Research Institute

Mathematician Has the "Lowdown" on Computers


Roger Swanson

The Kansas City Times


November 10th, 1959

Not the personal PC but state of the arts UNIVAC was a critical tool for Yudell L. Luke at the fledgling Midwest Research Institute in Kansas City, Missouri in the late 1950s. After leaving Midwest Research Institute, Luke moved less than a mile to the University of Missouri at Kansas City mathematics department.

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Linda Hall Library

Midwest Research Institute

I remember as a young person over 45 years ago taking a school field trip there and being amazed when a scientist carrying a fluorescent tube walked into a special room and the tube glowed just as if it were connected to an AC circuit. Oddly enough the same circumstance happened once before when my fluorescent desk lamp that was turned off began to illuminate when a strong thunderstorm was in the area. Physics rules.

Thanks to Bill Ashworth, Cindy Rogers, and Bruce Bradley...Linda Hall Library, Kansas City, Missouri.

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