Thursday, February 6, 2014

Russia trying to generate interest in Sochi Winter olympiic games?

Anna Sidorova

Anna Prugova

"Sochi strip: Female Russian Olympians pose in provocative photos"


Lisa Gutierrez

February 6th, 2014

The Kansas City Star

As if the news out of Sochi wasn’t weird enough – stray dogs being rounded up and killed, strangers walking into reporters’ hotel rooms, no fans there yet – now some of Russia’s female Olympians have stripped down to their undies in a set of controversial photos.

In what some are calling a “late-game” effort to get everyone excited about the games, women on Russia’s Olympic team posed for photos in provocative lingerie and skimpy dresses.

The photos show the women in what is described as a “more feminine” light.

The athletes who participated include curler Anna Sidorova, speed skater Tatiana Borodulina, figure skater Ekaterina Bobrova, freestyle skier Ekaterina Stolyarova and ice hockey goalie Anna Prugova.

Of course, the photos have gone viral in Russia, where one website boasts that “Russian sportswomen are the best campaigners for our team in Sochi.

“Our Russian Olympic team defies stereotype that women in sport are just a heap of muscles and masculine shapes.”
Because, you know, who wants to think of a woman as just a heap of muscles.

Yes, that was our snarky voice.

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