Monday, April 25, 2011

Anders Celsius...the Swedish thermometer...Fahrenheit's scientific buddy

Anders Celsius
Novemebr 27th, 1701 to April 25th, 1744

Swedish astronomer, physicist and mathematician who is famous for the temperature scale he developed. Celsius was born in Uppsala where he succeeded his father as professor of astronomy in 1730. It was there also that he built Sweden's first observatory in 1741. He and his assistant Olof Hiortner discovered that aurora borealis influence compass needles. Celsius' fixed scale (often called centigrade scale) for measuring temperature defines zero degrees as the temperature at which water freezes, and 100 degrees as the temperature at which water boils. This scale, an inverted form of Celsius' original design, was adopted as the standard and is still used in almost all scientific work.

Anders Celsius [Wikipedia]

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