Saturday, October 17, 2009

Al Gore and "global warming" poll

Was Al Gore's "Chicken Little" position on global climate warming erroneous?



Sure it was erroneous. Hype, fear mongering, a demonstration of bad science and logic, and big profits for Mr. Gore--and an unwarranted Nobel Peace Prize too boot. [That must be a trend now.]

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Timothy said...

while all of this may have somewhat of an issue and certainly we could use energy wiser....the Department of Energy was founded decades ago to accomplish energy independence and has done none of the above and costs billions to do nothing. the whole Nobel Peace Prize is ridiculous and meaningless. Al Gore has positioned himself to cash in on billions of trading something called "carbon credits" when we could accomplish the same with judicious planning....this is stupidity at its worst. so how is it going with yet another Autumn of early snow gang?