Monday, October 13, 2008

"Watch Mr. Wizard"--1954 episode

As you recall, Mr. Wizard [Don Herbert] passed away last year and left, no doubt, an entourage of scientists behind. Things were, in retrospect, sillier and simpler back in the 1950s but nevertheless periodically offered science venues via the new medium of television. I noticed at the Internet Archives repository an episode of the Watch Mr. Wizard television series from l954 and an educational film hosted by Don Herbert on radioactivity, Everyday Radioactivity.

Watch Mr. Wizard [l954]

[Interesting to see an experiment fail to function near the end of the program and how smoothly Mr. Wizard handles the issue.]

Everyday Radioactivity

[NOTE: The Internet Archives does occasionally withdraw certain items without warning, so if you wish to have copies of these Mr. Wizard/Don Herbert films, you might want to download them.]

Mr. Wizard...missed mentor

Mr. Wizard--more

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