Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"under the microscope"...venue for women science writers

A new website for female science writers...check it out.

"Website for female science writers built"


Alexander Villafania

October 28th, 2008


Technology giant IBM and women's literary publisher Feminist Press recently switched on a website aimed at encouraging women to write for and about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The website, Under the Microscope is the online version of Women Writing Science Project of Feminist Press and the National Science Foundation. It was announced at the Feminist Press headquarters in New York, coinciding with the IBM Information On Demand Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Women are encouraged to share their experiences in scientific endeavors and other interests pertaining to matters of technology, engineering and math -- collectively called STEM.

Other science-related stories written by women will also be linked to the site, as well as parental and career tips, and mentoring programs.

Eventually, educational opportunities will also be included, along with an online book club and serialized chapters of Women Writing Science publications.

The site is also intended to be developed into a social networking site where science materials will be created, published and distributed among members.

In a press statement, Feminist Press Executive Director Gloria Jacobs said they intend to make the site a service for women's learning on STEM.

She said the Women Writing Science Project will publish books of biography, fiction, history, career profiles, and how-to-survive guides presenting women as both scientists and as writers about science.

IBM International Foundation President Stanley Litow said their co-development of the website is also a way for IBM to support its own growing female workforce. Out of 400,000 IBM employees worldwide, 20 percent are women.

He said they need to increase the number of female workers in IBM as well.

"One way to realize that goal is to provide young women with role models, mentors and examples so more young women will be inspired and helped to enter exciting technical careers, and projects like the Woman Writing Science will help," he added.

under the microscope

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