Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Joseph Cyril Bamford...hydraulics

Joseph Cyril Bamford
June 21st, 1916 to March 1st, 2001

A good application of technology and maybe a bad thing. Where time is money this technological application is worth a gold mine, but it also drastically reduced the human work force.

Joseph Cyril Bamford was an "English inventor and industrialist who invented and manufactured the JCB construction machine with a hydraulically operated shovel on the front and an excavator arm on the back. From the business which bore his initials that he started in a garage in 1945, he became one of Britain's most successful industrialists. He pioneered the backhoe loader concept in Europe, which he first introduced in 1954. He is also credited with the widespread application of hydraulic technology in construction and agricultural equipment. The company he founded now has a global market in heavy plant and agricultural machinery. In 1968, he created a nature reserve in the grounds of the factory which now successfully hosts much wildlife."

Joseph Cyril Bamford [Wikipedia]

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