Monday, June 13, 2011

Jesse Boot and the pharmaceutical retail trade

Jesse Boot
June 2nd, 1850 to June 13th, 1931

I cannot think much being related to University of Nottingham except the repository of the works of D. H. Lawrence and pharmacist Jesse Boot.

Jesse Boot was an "English chemist who founded Boots Company, Ltd. At 13 he inherited his father's herbalist shop, and in 1877 opened his first chemist's shop in Nottingham. In 1880, under the ‘Boots Cash Chemists’ slogan, Boot advertised herbal preparations, household products and basic remedies at reduced prices. That year, the business extended to Lincoln and Sheffield. Boots Pure Drug Company Limited began production in 1888 of simple pharmaceuticals. He began large-scale drug manufacture (1892), and soon after the turn of the century was controlling the largest pharmaceutical retail trade in the world, with over a thousand branches by 1931. As a philanthropist, he donated land and development support for Nottingham University."

Jesse Boot, 1st Baron Trent [Wikipedia]

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