Monday, January 17, 2011

"No Exit" poll

In Jean-Paul Sartre's "No Exit" is Hell a place or other people?



Existentialism, as a philosophical movement, is most dead now but many of its features including human interaction ideas are still applicable.

No Exit [Wikipedia]


Although many nineteenth century philosophers developed the concepts of existentialism, it was the French writer Jean Paul Sartre who popularized it. His one act play, Huis Clos or No Exit, first produced in Paris in May, 19944, is the clearest example and metaphor for this philosophy. There are only four characters: the VALET, GARCIN, ESTELLE, and INEZ and the entire play takes place in a drawing room, Second Empire style, with a massive bronze ornament on the mantelpiece. However the piece contains essential germs of existentialist thought such as "Hell is other people." As you read the play, put yourself in that drawing room with two people you hate most in the world.

No Exit

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