Saturday, March 29, 2008


Reading a back issue [ "The Serious Search for an Anti-Aging Pill" ] of "Scientific American" [August 2002], I found an article concerning the issue for developing a pill to retard the aging process. "Human population in general is living longer than it ever has because of better agriculture, medicine, and technology in general." No doubt about that. But I wonder about the rates of mortality compared to longevity increases and those very things you mentioned that curtail longevity. Specifically, hazards of genetically engineered foods, foods treated with potentially deleterious preservatives, pharmaceuticals that are untested and tainted, or faulty technology. Remember DDT, the bromide preservative for apples, excessive nitrites, thalidomide, the Ford Pinto? It’s almost a "catch-22" situation.

It is not a pleasant thought of understanding and realizing the temporality of mankind either through natural progression of life [birth, maturation, death] or by accident [just being in the wrong place at the wrong time or some biological malfunction]. And since this realm is the only one we experience familiarity [creature comforts; celebration of other members of the species or environment], we do what we can by controlling our world and life to do whatever we can by extending it. Sensory experience of the afterlife expressed by religions doesn't provide much comfort. Belief is evaporating. Curiously, if mankind knew for sure of life after death and it was even better than the current situation, the species would soon vanish for all would want something better. Alas, that is impossible and such promises are a mater of faith. "...The longer people live the less frequent it occurs and the less we need to deal with untimely and unexpected death." Perhaps, but that is just prolonging the inevitable and the end result is the same--just spread out more. Perhaps emphasis should be placed more on discovering the primal reasons for aging and human biological ailments instead, down the road, of offering nothing but palliative solutions.

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