Sunday, January 31, 2010

A beauty and a geek

Well, this a surprise. You are familiar with Anne Hathaway...Brokeback Mountain, Becoming Jane, and upcoming Alice in Wonderland [March 2010]. It was revealed that she is a closet geek...especially physics. wrote:


Hollywood actress ANNE HATHAWAY is a secret geek - she spends her spare time studying physics.

The Devil Wears Prada beauty admits she shuns fashion magazines and instead stocks up on books by legendary scientist Albert Einstein and physics textbooks in a bid to better understand the universe.

She tells Britain's GQ magazine, "I'm interested in elementary particles. What I like thinking about is how time and space exist in the universe and how we understand it. Any spare time I have, I bury my head in a physics textbook. I'm learning. I'm reading a lot about Einstein. I like theories. I want to understand string theory. I am dying for someone to explain quarks to me!"


Timothy said...

i had to post this one on Facebook....wonder if she would consider a somewhat older man...LMAO!! but is encouraging tho i wonder what the real depth here is...

Citrine said...

Timothy, why the comment about the "somewhat older man"? Are you equating teaching an attractive woman with hitting on her? Are you aware that the attitude that women are just prey, causes many females in Physics programs to drop out? (Not that there's many to begin with.) That's one reason why I decided to be a Physics faculty member. Yes, I'm female, and what a student looks like is NEVER a factor in how I relate to him/ her. I try my darndest to help them, if only to suggest reading material at the appropriate level.

Timothy said...

Citrine....i was being facetious....i have friends here in San Diego, young and in the hard sciences as we say...and if you would ask them to describe me...i am sure they would classify me "avuncular"....father of 3 daughters....raised by sisters...i have encouraged one from the cash register to working in an engineering firm...another to her masters in Linguistics..and her brother to chemistry...and at times..well given to teasing Master Mercury(David) as we older gentlemen do...from time to time...of times gone by

Mercury said...


As a side note, I have instructed and assisted one Brazilian female who is now in her second year physics [Adaptive Quantum Design] Ph.D. program in the California University system. I have fought long and hard to render this unbalanced gender issue in the sciences. It is complex and no easy resolution in sight.