Monday, January 14, 2013

Assorted robots

 Here is a collection of robots from the 1970's back as depicted through advertising, television, and motion pictures. Identification is made when possible and the sequence is random except for category.

Motion pictures...

Chani from Devil Girl from Mars [1954]

Cindrella 2000

Flesh Gordon [1974]

Gort [The Day the Earth Stood Still] [1951]

Phantom Empire [Serial] [1940's]

Robbie [Forbidden Planet] [1956]

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians [1964]

Target Earth

The Monster and the Ape [1945]

The Robot vs The Aztec Mummy [1958]

The Undersea Kingdom [Serial] [1936]

Tobor the Great

Zombies of the Stratosphere [Serial] [1952]


Captain Video

Cybermen  [Dr. Who]

White Robots [Dr. Who]

Lost in Space

Robbie [Dobie Gillis]

Gilligan's Island

Robbie and Angela Cartwright



Alpha [Early 1930's.

Charles Lawson [Early 1930's] 

Electro [1939 World's Fair]

Gog [1954]

Mr. Televox

Mr. Televox, the mechanical man, makes a fourth at the Huntington Hotel during the convention of the Pacific Coast Electrical Association in 1928. 

Old Glory Insurance

Satarical Ad 

Saturday Night Live

Queen Zorine 


Yasutaro Mitsui and Steel Humanoid



Steam robot [1868]

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