Friday, June 19, 2009

Congratulations...Ms. de Oliveira

Congratulations to Ms. de Oliveria on her first co-authored paper "Electron-phonon bound states and impurity band formation in quantum wells" by Bruna P. W. de Oliveira and Stephan Haas. Ms. de Oliveira is a graduate student from Brazil working on her Ph.D. at the University of Southern California. I have known Ms. de Oliveira for several years and am confident she has a bright career in physics.

Bruna P. W. de Oliveira

The abstract as it appears in The American Physical Society's April 3rd, 2009 Physical Review B:

A generalized propagation matrix method is used to study how scattering from local Einstein phonons affects resonant electron transmission through quantum wells. In particular, the parity and the number of the phonon mediated satellite resonances are found to depend on the available scattering channels. For a large number of phonon channels, the formation of low-energy impurity bands is observed. Furthermore, an effective theory is developed which accurately describes the phonon-generated sidebands for sufficiently small electron-phonon coupling. Finally, the current-voltage characteristics caused by phonon-assisted transmission satellites are discussed for a specific double-barrier geometry.

"Electron-phonon bound states and impurity band formation in quantum wells"

[NOTE: I was notified by Ms. de Oliveira that the above link is a prepublish paper and not the final corrected version. The corrected version is available from Physical Review B for a fee.]

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