Friday, June 26, 2009

Astronomy and the media

The Daily Mail released a few pullout sheets ["Moon Mail"] about the moon mission.

July 11th, 1969

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With the availability of nice images and amazing, dramatic stories, the fundamental questions it addresses, and the attraction is exerces on many, it is often assumed that astronomy is an obvious topic for the media. Looking more carefully, however, one realises that the truth is perhaps not as glamorous as one would hope, and that, although well present in the media, astronomy’s coverage is rather tiny, and often, limited to the specialised pages or magazines.

"Astronomy and the Media: a love story?" by Henri M.J. Boffin

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Timothy said...

"On The Road That May Save Mankind" about delusional thinking....we have been to the moon and back and it is the same as when we each others throat....