Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mr. Mus-i-cal...anything to sell a product

Size: 84.5mm x 178mm x 40mm (max) (w x h x d).

Weight: 190g excluding batteries but including carry strap.

Power: 9V DC using 1 x PP3 size battery. It does not accept an adaptor. A label on the battery compartment door states "Use fresh alkaline battery only".

Case:Two piece silver matt plastic case in the shape of a robot. The raised areas of the face and arms are painted black and hence subject to wear. Below the face is a silver sticker printed with blue, red and black markings which sits in its own recess. A convex red plastic display filter sits proud of the case. The recessed keyboard surround has black printed text and the lower logo is red printed text. A white carry strap attaches to the top of the head.

The keys are soft-touch with no feedback click.

Display: 8+1 digit red LED with bubble lens.

Features: Standard four functions with "maths question and answer" and "music" modes.

Age: 1979.

Manufacturer: Concept 2000, model number 560, made in Hong Kong.

Comments: Cute calculator which is plainly aimed at the toy market.

There is an interesting website that lists many handheld calculators of the past. You don't hear much about them anymore. The site also has internal links to old radios, televisions, ephemera and much more.

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